''Sometimes the images that we treasure the most aren't for the moments that exist within them, they can be a gentle nudge towards a distant memory. This image is from an assignment I had from The Saturday Telegraph Magazine. I was sent to stay in Norfolk and accompany a father on a walk with his daughter. Peter's daughter Vicky is deaf dumb and blind and is cared for by the charity Sense. The pair hadn't seen or spoken to one another in 10 years and their only form of communication would be close range sign language...which Peter doesn't know.

''I was curious to see how such a close bond could play out with the infuriation of not being able to interact. Vicky is also very unemotional due to years of early institutionalised care that left her numb. I was nervous that she wouldn't understand or appreciate me invading such a personal and cherished moment; never less photographing it. I was immediately informed much to my relief (kind of) that she would simply punch me if she had a problem (I always like to know where I stand).

''I wanted to capture something emotional and realised that with lack of senses the simple sensations Vicky must feel would be intense and important. However this image doesn't actually portray anything about how our relationship evolved. Every time I look at this I think of a different moment. 

''Standing pool side on a another trip I took up to see Vicky (voluntarily) a sudden emergency meant that all of the Sense staff were occupied with a patient fitting in the pool. Vicky had just pulled herself out, soaking wet and cold. I turned to her and wrapped a big fluffy towel around her. She touched my shoulder smiled and signed the gesture of a photograph, I smiled and took a quick (terrible) snap and she gestured thank you.''