"I tend to photograph best when I’m in a busy location, usually on walks around a city, it must be the energy that keeps me going. The amount of things happening around me, I rarely even have to think or wait for that decisive moment, I simply press the shutter. 

''At the time of making this photograph, I was living in Falmouth, a coastal town in Cornwall with a very laid back vibe. It's the complete opposite to cities like London or Bristol where most of my work is made. As nice as it was, I couldn’t seem to photograph with the same energy in Cornwall.

''Occasionally, I would travel back up to London, to check out some galleries and get back into the swing of making work. Whilst there, I had found myself focusing on photographing pauses in people’s daily routines around the city. I guess this was something I had taken from having a more relaxed time down in Cornwall.

''After a couple of hours wandering the streets, I ended up in the Soho area of the city, Chinatown to be precise. As I turned a corner, I saw a couple leaning against a post, embraced and lips locked. As I approached them to make the photograph, the woman looked up and glared directly into the lens. For that fraction of a second she looked totally unimpressed with me intruding, whilst at the same time completely ignoring the man she was with. 

''Bringing the camera back down away from my face, I looked back at the couple, and both acknowledged me. I smiled and they smiled back. Her facial expression in the photograph was completely different to how she was in reality."