''This is Svavar, he was my assistant while I was in Iceland making Sugar Paper Theories. Over the course of the two years I spent making the work we became very good friends, and on one trip he had suggested that we travel to visit his family’s cabin, and I agreed.

''En route we pulled into a small petrol station to grab something to eat and drink. We both ordered ham and cheese sandwiches and black coffees. After sitting down at the table to enjoy his food, the lid of Svavar’s coffee cup opened and its molten contents poured onto his shirt severely burning his chest. Obviously he was in a great deal of pain and it was causing quite a commotion in this otherwise quiet petrol station. 

''The staff quickly fetched some cream and sponges to treat his burns. However, not satisfied with the pain relief of merely dabbing the ointment on, Svavar taped the sponges to his chest to ensure the wounds were constantly soaked in the cream.

''Once we arrived at the cabin which was laying the shadow of a mountain, we discovered the skull of a Ram. We both thought given the fact we are in this eerily secluded cabin and now Svavar has these odd looking wounds, it would make for an interesting picture.''